What others say about us is 10,000 times more powerful than anything we can say about ourselves.

Zonya was the first person at an open house who actually took interest in us even though we were not sure if we were going to sell or not. 

Our expectation was to get information on houses in our market without a commitment to sell and Zonya made us feel comfortable and provided us with information in a positive casual way.  She was not aggressive with us and we really responded to her personal style. We would absolutely recommend Zonya to anyone buying or selling a house.  We bought our new home and sold our old home in less than 24 hours of each other.

Zonya’s casual approach makes people comfortable, she does her homework, offers up valuable suggestions and insights on the market and listens to you. 


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After meeting Zonya, I could tell that she was professional, honest and had a very good understanding of the market.  Having already bought and sold one townhouse in Burlington using different agents each time, I knew what I was looking for in an agent.  Zonya exceeded my expectations in terms of quality service and prompt communication, as well as providing sound advice from a buyer’s perspective. 


Zonya represented both the Seller and myself as Buyer in the negotiations. I was uncertain if a deal could be made within the short timeframe between the time the condo went on the market and my initial offer (as well as the seller’s preferred closing date), but Zonya worked hard on both of our behalves to get the deal done. I believe that Zonya was completely impartial in representing both parties and she got a fair price for both of us – and in record time.

I would absolutely refer Zonya. She is a joy to work with and works hard in the best interest of her clients. More than a year after buying my condo, Zonya has made an effort to maintain contact with me and make sure I’m doing well and am still happy in my new home. Her glowing personality and positive attitude made a real difference in making my home-buying experience as easy and stress-free as it could be! 

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We had dealt with a number of agents in the past. However, we never had much of a connection with them.  Zonya stood out to us as she was not over bearing and we could always tell she had our best interests at heart.  Zonya’s friendly, professional and laid back approach was very refreshing.  After our first introduction, we immediately knew Zonya was unique and just what we were looking for in an agent.

Our expectations for an agent was to have someone represent us who would be trust worthy and have our best interest at heart in both buying and selling our home.  Zonya surpassed all our expectations with her dedication, extensive knowledge and by really taking the time to understand our needs.  What makes Zonya stand out is her honest connection with her clients.  She made buying and selling our home a very enjoyable and fun experience which we are sure not many people can say.

We did not always have the greatest experiences with agents to the point that we decided to sell one home privately. We felt that agents were always thinking of “commission” above anything else.  Zonya completely proved to us that this is 100% not true with her. We will always remember when she said “I would rather show you a hundred houses to find you the perfect one vs. you buying something you are unsure of and may regret”. We thought that was a very unique quality in an agent.  Zonya was never too busy to show us the houses we wanted to see and she was happy to PERSONALLY answer any questions or concerns we had at any time of the day.  That was another thing we really appreciated…that we got to deal with Zonya – not a receptionist or assistant like some other agents we used in the past. 

We would ABSOLUTELY refer Zonya!!!  We referred my brother who was just as happy with her as we were.  We always tell friends about Zonya when they talk about the possibility of moving.  Zonya proved that she goes above and beyond for her clients. Her honesty as well as her client loyalty and dedication is something anyone buying and selling a home will appreciate. 

Laurie + Rob
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I met Zonya in a professional setting and really appreciated her warm manner, open ears and open mind. I expect professionalism and courtesy, and Zonya met those expectations with flying colours! Zonya provided good advice many times and even helped me get my house ready for sale!

I would definitely recommend Zonya for her sound advice, patience, ethics and willingness to help her clients however she can.

Whenever you need her, Zonya is there to look after you.

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My sister in law was working with Zonya at the time and was very happy with Zonya’s service so she recommended her. We met with Zonya and right away we loved her personality.  Zonya wasn’t pushy like a lot of other real estate agents who are just looking for “the sale”

Our expectations were quite high considering Zonya had done so well for my sister-in-law and she definitely went above and beyond for them.  Zonya always gave us great advice and most importantly she was always looking out for our best interests and not her own.  That is a quality not often found in real estate agents.

Although buying or selling a home can be a very stressful and worrisome time, Zonya made the process a lot easier with her caring and understanding attributes.

We absolutely would refer Zonya!  You will get a hard working, compassionate, go-getter that will always be on your side. You won’t be disappointed with Zonya!

Carolyn & Tim
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We decided to work with Zonya because of her great personality.  Our expectations from our Realtor were fairly high and Zonya exceeded them.  Zonya goes above and beyond to make her clients happy – she is kind, caring and very “in tune” with her clients needs. 

Any client would be lucky to have her as their agent and we would absolutely refer her.

Lori & Dave
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When we met Zonya we felt right away that she was sincere, knowledgeable and friendly. We were looking for a realtor with local expertise, a flexible approach, professional and easy to work with. Zonya certainly exceeded our expectations! Zonya took time to explain in detail the process of buying a home in Ontario as we were relocating from BC. We would highly recommend Zonya to others buying or selling a home.  We really valued her honest and ethical way of doing business as well as her great customer service.  

Louisa & Subutay